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Show More 1 . A brief launch of Apache and the issues under consideration. Apache Corporation was conceived 50 years ago. Its gestation, with no small amount of planning, offers yielded a company that is built to last. Today, Apache Corporation is one of the world’s top independent oil and gas exploration and production companies.

If the price of oil was low, production tended to shift away from the US, due to high cost of generating oil. Within the US, deep-water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico had major interests, but this had large fixed costs and the risks were considerably high.

The oil prices also affected the costs and the availability of drilling rigs. When prices were low, the oil companies cut their capital expenditures, leaving many rigs tied up at docs, rusting. Under high-oil price scenarios, the increased cash flows could be misused by being invested under low NPV projects and acquisitions.

Because an independent oil and gas exploration and production organization, Apache is usually exposed to an array of risks stemming from price fluctuations in oil and gas markets.

As we observe in the case, Apache has 80 percent of its proven assets in the United States, which puts the company at a disadvantage should olive oil prices rise significantly. When oil prices rise, production tends to change away from household sources, because oil is relatively expensive to extract in theā€¦.

High quality Work Political Factors that Impact Apache Corporation The political factors that may effect the profitability or chances of survival of the organization are quite diverse. The political risks vary from sudden changes in existing political regimes to civil unrest to major decisions taken by the government.

The integrity from the politicians and their likelihood to take part in acts of corruption, because the producing repercussions may lead to possible impeachments or resignations of high level government employees. The laws that the country enforces, especially with regards to business, such as contract legislation, as they dictate what Apache Corporation is usually and is not allowed to do.

Some countries, for example , prohibit alcohol or have particular conditions that must be fulfilled, although some government systems have inefficient amounts of red tape that discourage business. For example , a country that has no policies to get IP safety would mean that entrepreneurs may find it too risky to invest in Apache Corporation The trade barriers that the host country has would protect Apache Corporation; however , trade barriers that countries with potential trade partners would harm companies by preventing potential exports.

A high level of taxation would demotivate companies like Apache Corporation from maximizing their profits. The risk of military invasion by hostile countries may cause divestment from ventures. A low minimum wage would mean higher profits and, thus, higher chances of survival for Apache Corporation Economic Factors that Impact Apache Corporation Economic factors are all those that pertain to the economy of the country that Apache Corporation, such as changes in the inflation rate, the foreign exchange rate, the interest rate, the gross domestic product, and the current stage of the economic cycle.

These factors, and their resulting impact on aggregate demand, aggregate investment and the business climate, in general, have the potential to make a company highly profitable, or extremely likely to incur a loss.

The economic factors that Apache Corporation may be sensitive to, and in turn should consider before investing may include the following: The economic system that is currently operational in the sector in question- whether it is a monopoly, an oligopoly, or something similar to a perfect competition economic system.

The rate of GDP growth in the country will affect how fast Apache Corporation is expected to grow in the near future. The interest rates in the country would affect how much individuals are willing to borrow and invest.

Higher rates would result in greater investments that would mean more growth for Apache Corporation However efficiently the financial markets operate also impact how well Apache Corporation can raise capital at a fair price, keeping in mind the demand and supply. The exchange rate of the country Apache Corporation operates in would impact the profitability of Apache Corporation, particularly if Apache Corporation engages in international trade.

The stability of the currency is also important- an unstable currency discourages international investors. A high level of unemployment in the country would mean there is a greater supply of jobs than demand, meaning people would be willing to work for a lower wage, which would lower the costs of Apache Corporation Social Factors that Impact Apache Corporation The social factors that impact Apache Corporation are a direct reflection of the society that Apache Corporation operates in, and encompasses culture, belief, attitudes and values that the majority of the population may hold as a community.

The impact of social factors is not only important for the operational aspect of Apache Corporation, but also on the marketing aspect of the organization. A thorough understanding of the customers, their lifestyle, level of education and beliefs in a society, or segment of society, would help design both the products and marketing messages that would lead to a venture becoming a success.

The social factors that affect Apache Corporation and should be included in the social aspect of the PESTEL analysis include the following: The demographics of the population, meaning their respective ages and genders, vastly impact whether or not a certain product may be marketed to them.

Makeup is mostly catered to women, so targeting a majority male population would be less population than targeting a population that is mostly female.

The class distribution among the population is of paramount importance: Apache Corporation would be unable to promote a premium product to the general public if the majority of the population was a lower class; rather, they would have to rely on very niche marketing.

To some extent, the differences in educational background between the marketers and the target market may make it difficult to relate to and draw in the target market effectively.

Apache Corporation should be very careful not to lose the connection to the target market’s interests and priorities. Apache Corporation needs to be fully aware of what level of health standards, reactions to harassment claims and importance of environmental protection prevail in the industry as a whole, and thus are expected from any company as they are seen as the norm.

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Apache Corporation should be very careful not to lose the connection to the target market’s interests and priorities. Apache Corporation needs to be fully aware of what level of health standards, reactions to harassment claims and importance of environmental protection prevail in the industry as a whole, and thus are expected from any company as they are seen as the norm.

Looking for help with term paper on Apache Corporation? Start your order Technological Factors that Impact Apache Corporation Technology can rapidly dismantle the price structure and competitive landscape of an industry in a very short amount of time.

It thus becomes extremely important to constantly and consistently innovate, not only for the sake of maximizing possible profits and becoming a market leader, but also to prevent obsolescence in the near future. There are multiple instances of innovative products completely redesigning the norm for an entire industry: Uber and Lyft dominate the taxi cab industry; smartphones have left other phones an unviable option for most et cetera.

The technological factors that may influence Apache Corporation may include the following: The recent technological developments and breakthroughs made by competitors, as mentioned above. This would translate to the level of urgency required to adequately respond to the innovation, either by matching the technology or finding an innovative alternative.

If this improvement is drastic, then other firms in the industry suffer more heavily. The impact of the technology on the costs that most companies in the industry are subject to have the potential to increase or reduce the resulting profits greatly. If these profits are great in number, they may be reinvested into the research and development department, where future technological innovations would further raise the level of profits, and so on, ensuring sustainable profits over a long period of time.

Environmental Factors that Impact Apache Corporation Different industries hold different standards of environmental protection in their head as the norm. This norm then dictates what every company should aim for, in the least, to prevent becoming the target of pressure groups and boycotts due to a lack of environmental conscientiousness.

A company in the textile industry, for example , is not expected to incur the same level of pollution and environmental degradation as an oil company.

The new consumer, armed with the interest and the knowledge it carries, prefers to give its business to companies it views as more ethical, particularly about the environment in the wake of global warming.

The environmental factors that may significantly impact Apache Corporation include: The current weather conditions may significantly impact the ability of Apache Corporation to manage the transportation of both the resources and the finished product. This, in turn, would affect the delivery dates of the final product in the case of, say, an unexpected monsoon.

Climate change would also render some products useless. For example , in the case of textiles, in countries where the winter has become very mild due to Global Warming, warm winter clothes have much less of a market. Those companies that produce extremely large amounts of waste may be required by law to manage their environmental habits.

This may include pollution fines and quotas, which may place a financial strain on Apache Corporation If Apache Corporation should knowingly or unknowingly contribute to the further endangerment of an already endangered species may face not only the consequences from the law but also face a backlash from the general public who may then boycott Apache Corporation in retaliation.

While relying, in any percentage, on renewable energy may be expensive, it often receives support not only from the government but also from its customer base, who may be willing to pay a premium price for the products that Apache Corporation may produce.

Legal Factors that Impact Apache Corporation The government institutions and frameworks in a country, while technically also political and thus subject to whichever political party holds the majority in a government body, are also legal and thus should be considered in a PESTEL analysis.

Often Apache Corporation procedures on their own aren’t enough to efficiently shield Apache Company and its employees, making Apache Corporation show up an undesirable place of employment that may repel skilled, skilled workers. The legal factors that should have consideration are the following: Mental property laws and regulations and other data protection laws and regulations are, as stated earlier, in position to protect the ideas and patents of companies who have are only profiting because of that info.

If there is a likelihood the fact that data is definitely stolen, in that case Apache Company will lose the competitive advantage and have a top chance of failing. Discrimination laws and regulations are placed by the government to guard the employees and ensure that everyone in Apache Corporation is definitely treated pretty and provided the same possibilities, regardless of sexuality, age, impairment, ethnicity, religious beliefs or intimate orientation.

Health insurance and safety laws and regulations were produced after watching the nasty conditions that employees were forced to work in during and directly following the industrial innovation. Implementing the appropriate regulations might be expensive, yet Apache Company has to participate in it, not merely due to the regulation but likewise out of Apache Corporation’s personal feeling of ethical and social responsibility to additional human beings.

Laws and regulations are also put to ensure a specific level of quality or reasonable cost for certain items to keep the client safe and stop them if you are provided. The industries this applies to discover often their particular costs enhanced. This article is just an example and cannot be utilized for research or reference uses.

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