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E preparation course Our Spanish Teachers At don Quijote we are fully aware that your time spent studying abroad consists of far more than just classes and school, the people you will meet and interact with on a daily basis form an incredibly important part of the overall experience.

My job is to try and make your experience at our school an unforgettable one. In Madrid you can enjoy a team of teachers who are completely committed to the task of teaching you Spanish. Professional care and facilities as well as the perfect learning environment will make your relationship with the Spanish language easier than you can imagine.

We are waiting for you in Madrid with open arms. I am Esther, and I have been a teacher at don Quijote Madrid for more than 10 years. Throughout this time I have had the chance to participate in various don Quijote projects that have been very enriching experiences, both professionally and personally.

I love working with ELE and being surrounded by a team of professional and fun teachers, who are like friends. See you in Madrid!

Why study Spanish in Madrid? Because it is the capital of Spain, that offers a wide range of different activities. Theatre, cinema, museums, exhibitions, opera, concerts, music and night-life that is famous all over the world.

The people are friendly and hospitable, and if you come, I am sure that you will have an amazing experience. I am waiting for you here. What I like most about my job is working together with students so that they can learn to communicate in Spanish, plus it allows me to meet people from such different cultures.

Madrid is a welcoming city, where visitors quickly feel at home, and I am sure that you will thoroughly enjoy it. Our Students don Quijote students are people from all over the world who spend a very important part of their lives with us.

We have dedicated this portion of our website to say thanks to all of them and to let you read about their experiences. Bing Jie Zhang Madrid 5 weeks In don Quijote Madrid all the teachers are conscientious, dedicated professionals, which made our course a lot of fun.

Phil Laurence Madrid 2 weeks The course was excellent. Our teachers were really first class, full of enthusiasm, lively. The classes were also quite small which enabled each of us to have the opportunity to speak, listen, and get our individual exams corrected.

I can thoroughly recommend it. Sojung Choi Madrid 11 months I started learning Spanish in Madrid and for me it has been a marvelous experience. I was really satisfied with the excellent teachers and good teaching quality. Due to my classes at don Quijote, I learned a lot of Spanish in a short period of time.

I would like to recommend enrolling in don Quijote. Jae June Lee Madrid 9 months The program at don Quijote is extraordinary and is perfectly customized to each student. Students can enjoy classes with excellent teachers and students from various cultures and countries.

You will have a great time studying at dQ, not only enjoying the life in Madrid but also improving your Spanish. Accommodation in Madrid Comfortable and secure accommodation is of essential importance during your stay. We are fully aware that simple problems with accommodation can ruin aspects of your stay, and divert your attention from your main aim: learning Spanish.

We strive to make sure you feel secure, comfortable and at home throughout your stay.

Abstract Fluid dynamic analysis of turbodynamic blood pumps TBPs is often conducted under steady flow conditions. However, the preponderance of clinical applications for ventricular assistance involves unsteady, pulsatile flow—due to the residual contractility of the native heart.

This was accomplished by performing flow visualization studies on a transparent model of a centrifugal TBP interposed within a cardiovascular simulator with controllable heart rate and stroke volume. Particle image velocimetry triggered to both the rotation angle of the impeller and phase of the cardiac cycle was used to quantify the velocity field in the outlet volute and in between the impeller blades for 16 phases of the cardiac cycle.

Comparison of the unsteady flow fields to corresponding steady conditions at the same instantaneous flow rates revealed marked differences. In particular, deceleration of flow was found to promote separation within the outlet diffuser, while acceleration served to stabilize the velocity field.

The notable differences between the acceleration and deceleration phases illustrated the prominence of inertial fluid forces. Keywords: Particle image velocimetry, Turbodynamic blood pump, Levacor, Triggering, Heart simulator, Pulsatile pump flow Fluid dynamic design and optimization of turbo-dynamic bloodstream pushes TBPs goal to minimize circumstances in which bloodstream can be subjected to high shear for lengthy intervals and areas where bloodstream can stagnate 1 — 5.

Both pc simulations 6 — 9 and movement creation 10 — 13 possess become modern equipment for analyzing and optimizing TBP styles. The information of a stable movement field can become expected fairly quickly with computational liquid characteristics CFDbut insufficient disturbance versions and hemorheological versions limit the precision of the expected movement areas.

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Both pc simulations 6 — 9 and movement creation 10 — 13 possess become modern equipment for analyzing and optimizing TBP styles. The information of a stable movement field can become expected fairly quickly with computational liquid characteristics CFDbut insufficient disturbance versions and hemorheological versions limit the precision of the expected movement areas.

The fresh equal of CFD, movement creation, can be also limited by numerous presumptions and approximations—credited to period, price, and real physical limitations. Particle picture velocimetry PIVthe most well-known quantitative technique, can be period intense, and as a result nearly inevitably performed under stable circumstances.

Although such tests offer important info, they perform not really sufficiently represent the unsteady circumstances frequently experienced in medical make use of.

Particularly, the contractility of the indigenous ventricle frequently imparts a time-varying modulation of movement price through the TBP In switch, the inertial contribution to the movement field cannot become neglected.

The purpose of this research was as a result to assess the importance of pulsatile movement upon the movement field within a TBP and therefore demonstrate the importance of time-varying simulations and tests for practical evaluation of the connected hemodynamics.

The enclosures, impeller, inlet, and wall socket of the pump model had been created of polymer-bonded to license optical gain access to to the liquid route. The heart simulator comprised of a shut liquid routine with an actuated versatile silicon axi-symmetric sac addressing the remaining ventricle LV.

The quantity variants of the LV had been accomplished by suspending it in a strict water-filled holding chamber linked to a cam-operated servo-controlled piston pump.

Preload to the model LV was offered by an atrial tank. The afterload comprised of a hydropneumatic accumulator adopted by a ball-valve to recreate systemic conformity and level of resistance, respectively.

The atrial tank and aortic conformity holding chamber had been installed on best of the ventricular holding chamber and had been interconnected by bovine pericardial bileaflet valves performing as mitral and aortic valves, respectively.

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