Teacher And Student Relationship Essay. Teacher Student Relationship Essay In Tamil.

The rain was heavily flowing and the wind was blowing even in the morning time. I was too nervous and a bit excited. On reaching the classroom, I selected the last row to be seated as I had no friends. After the class teacher joined the class, he placed me in the first bench and asked me to introduce myself.

Teachers are known to be the second parents. Parents provide us moral education and teachers provide us rest of the knowledge necessary for living and knowing the world. Teachers control the destiny of the students for more that two decades.

Ultimately, the product comes out. Establishing a positive teacher student relationship helps to yield a beautiful environment in the classroom. A teacher is usually also a guide, a friend, a counsellor and also like a gardener who oceans the tiny plants called children. If the teacher student relationship is usually to be maximally productive, must reflect certain attitudes and commitments of each to the other.

First, the student must respect his or her teacher and hold him in the highest esteem. Even though this training may be uncomfortable and disconcerting at occasions, but a teacher usually wants his student to do good.

All the time, the teacher looks forward to improve his student and polish the creativity in the student. When we need to move on or are stuck with something, teacher helps us find the way. Teachers always stand by the students, to guide and support them.

But gurus were always kept in superior position and students below the teachers. A teacher who forgets his responsibility was also given the tag of a teacher. Wikipedia Teachers can be good, teachers can be bad, but most of the teachers are ideal people.

When I was in grade 8, I had a teacher named Dhurba Sharma. He was absolutely good looking, had attractive personality and a very friendly nature. He challenged the education system ofNepal. His teaching method was very different.

We liked studying outside the class and he usually took us outside the class. He often took us to the historical sites and taught us about them as the course he taught was social studies.

He formed groups among students and ask us to study in groups. This made us more attentive in class and gradually our grades in the subject also improved. In the teenage years school becomes one of the most interesting places for the youth because you can make great friends there and you can learn how to deal with your own problems by your self.

In the school the student builds a pared of his character. Biljana Kotevska. The teacher should befriend the students and be a perfect guide to the students. When a child is born, he learns to speak, gradually he starts to walk and learning and understanding life.

In the course of time, the same child reaches maturity. If he is in the hands of an experienced and an ideal teacher, the child turns out to be a successful person.

We can take an example of the street children and the children who go to schools. The pattern and culture of teaching and learning process has been changing. In ancient times, teachers used to be teaching in their ashrams and the students would have to make the teachers by working hard at the ashram.

The students used to collect firewoods, fodder for the cattles, clean the house and cook food for the gurus. Gradually this system changed and now formal education has been in trend. Also, with the change in this pattern of teaching, students have failed to respect teachers like the students years ago used to.

The role of a teacher was different before, but now, since the world has changed a lot, and there is a lot other means for people to receive information like media, internet etc.

Students today are more informed then before, and so the teachers are more of a facilitator there. There is no such charm in the relationship of the teacher and student like before.

Teachers teach and students learn, there is no intimacy between the teachers and students. When this becomes worst, and there is a huge communication gap between the teacher and the student, then there occurs problem in the relationship between them.

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Teachers teach and students learn, there is no intimacy between the teachers and students. When this becomes worst, and there is a huge communication gap between the teacher and the student, then there occurs problem in the relationship between them.

The actual teacher-student relationship however changes during the career. On average there is a significant increase in dominant behaviour of teachers during the first decade of their career: a movement towards the ideal teacher-student relationship.

After this period dominance stabilises. On average there is no change in co-operative behaviour. There is no shift towards the ideal as experience grows. Mieke Brekelmans. These days, we can hear news about the teachers harassing the students too.

The teacher — student relationship is pure like water. These kinds of incidents make the relation weaker. There are lots of cases where we find female students being harassed by the male teachers. Especially in the third world countries, female students are more prone to the harassments.

Lord Brahma in Hinduism is known as a teacher. A teacher if imposes rules and discipline to the students, the student fails to develop his creativity. He learns to get bored even with a small piece of work. John Holt.

At times we hear news about students committing suicide because of the marks and grades issues. Due to the punishments given by teachers to the students, the students may be badly affected. The young mind and psychology of the children might get disturbed. We come across numerous news about these issues nowadays.

There are many laws against this but only few are being implemented. This means that the teacher does not necessarily have to feel favourably of the student and neither does the student have to think same for the teacher, but a common language is required. And both sides should feel comfortably about trust and intimacy in the teacher student relationship.

And teachers have certain responsibility towards the students, as they are the path leaders; they are to lead the students towards the right way in a right manner. For this, there must be a charm and positive relationship between the teacher and the student.

Discursive Essay Cause-Effect Essay: Student-Teacher Relationship Student-Teacher relationship has always been that complex and controversial issue among different experts in education and psychology. As a result of such complexity, different problems and complications between the two teacher and student always impose themselves and embitter the relationship which has to be solved through respect, love, and understanding.

To begin with, disciplinary problems are a main cause for an unhealthy relationship between the teacher and his students. The former feels irritated as his students cause chaos and trouble in class. The latter feel bored, disengaged and totally disinterested.

In this sense, lack of attention and concentration seems to be a logical outlet for them. Instead of lecturing, the teacher should interact with students and let them be the center of the learning teaching process.

Here, every one shares, innovates and feels important. Personal and social problems might be another cause of conflict between teachers and students. A student may have different personal and family problems that impede him from being attentive and creative.

Every now and then, a student might feel distracted and illusional. Here starts the role of the teacher who has got to be father and a friend whose role is to infuse the student with confidence will-power, respect, and care.

Finally, by depending on traditional, old fashioned methods, some teachers create educational problems with their students. If teachers observe and evaluate themselves every now and then, it will be very possible for them to create a lively and healthy class atmosphere where every one is more or less motivated and activated.

In all, teaching is an art, a creative one, where teachers and students blend together to create harmony and balance if they interact in a loving and understanding atmosphere.


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