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The Prison Plan Effort submits a comment notice contacting on the USPS to end rounding up postage costs and to keep in mind that low-income incarcerated people are reliant on the postal program for conversation.

Monthly interest 26, Mobile phone suppliers are therefore innovative in their influence-peddling that the most practical change strategies perform not really concentrate just on “commissions. For those wanting to know “why is certainly this taking so long? Dec 17, We’ve experienced an incredibly effective 12 months.

Nov 29, Mujahid Farid, the founding organizer of a marketing campaign to reduce the quantity of older and infirm people in New York State prisons, passed away last night at His Discharge Maturing November 21, New You are able to Town turns into the 1st jurisdiction to make calls home from jails free.

Who else is definitely going to adhere to this wise step? Jul 19, Mass incarceration grew at breakneck rate, 12 months after 12 months. Our reforms need to become equally committed.

Jun 5, was another big 12 months for powerful data visualizations from the Prison Policy Initiative. These are our 9 absolute favorites. Dec 29, We publish our brand-new annual survey. November 13, GTL provides bought competition Telmate, signifying higher prices for households and services. We examine GTL and Securus dominance, superiority of the sector.

August 28, Suggested laws would unnecessary one of the Medication War’s most severe tips, and would unnecessary it at its supply — Our elected representatives. Monthly interest 7, We describe what’s following and what the households can anticipate on phone proper rights. Feb 8, In a first-of-its-kind statement, the Jail Plan Effort aggregates financial data to present a big picture look at of who will pay for and who benefits from mass incarceration.

January 25, was another big yr for effective data visualizations from the Jail Plan Effort. These are our 10 offerings. December 30, Apart from our latest reviews, we possess a number of fresh enhancements to our site well worth featuring.

December 28, Eleven concepts for legal proper rights reforms that are fresh for legal triumph in December 28, Jerrika Stanley’s publication — the royalties of which support the Jail Plan Effort — can be required even more right now than ever. December 27, NPR addresses video visiting, and reform legislation is introduced in Congress.

Dec 8, Please support our work this Giving Tuesday. Nov 29, Our just completed year was our most successful yet. Recap our victories and help us plan for more wins this year. Chapman Award for our report and campaign to end Massachusetts’ suspension of drivers licenses for unrelated drug offenses.

Sep 30, Bill Newman takes on injustice 90 seconds at a time. In the newest episode of his Civil Liberties Minute podcast, he takes on the practice of locking up poor people because they can’t afford bail.

Jun 18, Private prisons get all the attention, but the hidden truth is that many county jails are profiting off incarceration too. Jun 9, Seven deadly sins: the problem with Bill Clinton’s criminal justice legacy isn’t one bill, or two or even three, but at least seven bills.

May 25, We share some suggested language. Apr 26, Country music star Merle Haggard spent 49 years trying to convince this nation that discriminating against the formerly incarcerated can be poor cultural plan. Interest 6, We clarify what prices and charges to anticipate thanks a lot to the FCC’s Oct purchase and when for prisons and jails.

January 28, was a season of big wins for the Jail Plan Effort. Beyond a record quantity of ground-breaking reviews, our promotions earned major policy adjustments. December 29, was another big season for ground-breaking data visualizations from the Jail Plan Effort. December 29, Our co-workers helped build impetus for legal rights change by offering essential analysis and suggesting reforms that could help our country decrease its overuse of incarceration.

Our offerings from December 29, Previously today, we released our list of the greatest investigative legal rights journalism of Right here at the Jail Plan Initiative we enjoy seeing journalists Dec 28, As winds to a close, the Prison Policy Initiative wanted to recognize eight investigative news stories that brought public attention to key issues in criminal justice reform.

Dec 28, Jail churn and pre-trial detention are even more important than a quick look at the data suggests. Here, we correct for the fact that a sizable number of people are encased in jails for various other firms.

December 8, Can you make a present today to energy the motion to end mass incarceration? November 30, How perform the advertising campaign efforts of the jail mobile phone industry compare to those of the private prison industry?

Nov 25, Sam Durant’s installation “Labyrinth” in Philadelphia uses our research Oct 30, The Federal Communications Commission rate today approved a new order regulating the prison and jail telephone industry and reducing the cost of calling home from prisons and jails Oct 22, Yesterday, the top judge in Massachusetts reported our research in his State of the Judiciary address.

Gants made a strong Oct 21, We have two suggestions for state legislative strategies to further reduce the cost of calling home from prisons and jails. Oct 21, Are you are a writer, actor or actress or video person who cares for you about rights?

We want to chat. March 16, Personal prisons are even more like a parasite on the publicly-owned jail program, not really the origin trigger of mass incarceration. March 7, Their pitch would provide households the phone rights they possess been requesting for.

March 1, What would effective condition professional or legal actions for jail and prison phone rights look like? Sep 24, Examine out our Annual Statement for an summary of our yr of leading campaigns and conditioning the movement Sep 22, David Oliver requires on the under-funding of the general public defensive player system Sep 18, Prison telephone companies are sly but we’ve learned how to uncover their methods.

Will you help us stay one step ahead? Sep 11, Blaming the h general public for mass incarceration is definitely too simple of an solution. Sep 3, Massachusetts top court says a city can’t pub people on the sex culprit registry from living in the city.

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Will you help us stay one step ahead? Sep 11, Blaming the h general public for mass incarceration is definitely too simple of an solution. Sep 3, Massachusetts top court says a city can’t pub people on the sex culprit registry from living in the city.

Sep 2, Links and additional resources for participants at the Iowa Proper rights Summit where I offered the keynote address on Friday. Aug 31, David Segal in the New York Instances investigates whether companies that sell items to prisons feel threatened by the talk of prison reform.

Aug 17, Most of the people who proceed to prison or jail in a yr proceed to prison, therefore why do policymakers pay out even more interest to jails? August 14, Why is normally Securus one of the largest advertising campaign members to the Sacramento State Sheriff? August 12, New device empowers the open public to employ the plan options required to end mass incarceration.

Figures level not really needed. Aug 12, Probation shouldn’t become overlooked: It’s used too often and units up too many people to fail.

Aug 11, The presidential candidates shouldn’t underestimate the federal budget’s power to guidebook state proper rights policy. Aug 10, New statement answers the query: to what degree do the people in prison in a given region resemble the people who live in the surrounding region?

Jul 15, Securus displays the industry’s obscene penchant for squeezing earnings by fleecing their customers and shorting their business partners. Jun 19, Some of these companies call themselves telephone companies, but the telephone services is definitely little more than a gimmick to charge expensive charges.

Jun 18, Nils Christie, the world-renowned criminologist, a member of the Prison Policy Initiative advisory table, and one of my personal inspirations, approved aside on May 27 at the age of Jun 8, The query basically which data visualization technique is definitely best; it’s whether a visualization is definitely actually the best tool for the job.

Mar 18, The poor, the older, and African-Americans and Latinos are less likely to have computers or high-speed internet at home. Replacing regular jail appointments with computer video chats is a bad idea.

Warning: NSFW for language. Feb 25, Groundbreaking report maps incarceration and spending, suggests more effective alternative investments Feb 25, On Monday evening, we posted 6 main briefings on the want to regulate the jail and prison phone market to the Federal government Marketing communications Commission payment.

January 14, In this fresh video, our Panel Chief executive, Eric Lotke discussions about his fresh book, Producing Manna and the connection to the struggle for jail telephone proper rights and the Jail December 29, Our six preferred data visualizations from Jail Plan Effort reviews in December 29, With sketching to a close, we review our biggest benefits.

Appreciate you for assisting us arrive therefore significantly! December 24, As wind gusts to a close, the Jail Plan Effort identifies the eight sorely required investigative information tales that do the most to provide general public interest to legal proper rights change. December 22, Eight concepts for legal proper rights reforms that are fresh for legal triumph.

December 22, One business generates a video detailing to Sheriffs how the position quo can be poor for them. November 25, Today, in a incomplete change, the Dallas Region Commissioners Courtroom authorized a fresh agreement with jail telephone giant Securus.

Nov 11, We need your help now to counter the powerful prison phone lobby. Oct 17, Can you make a gift today and join the Individual donors who are fueling the motion for rights change?

March 6, We simply released our Jail Plan Effort Annual Record, which I’m pleased to state information better improvement on even more methodologies than ever before. A mixture Sep 29, Ionia State Prison in The state of michigan to bar words from house beginning today.

What a terrible idea. Sep 28, Two commissioners circulate a pitch that would expand last year’s historical taking over safeguarding some households from the predatory jail and prison phone sector. Sep 22, In Drive, we had been privileged to end up being one of the three charities selected by CharitySub as one of three agencies handling the jail pandemic.

We report back. Sep 19, New report serves as a sobering reminder that state-level criminal justice policy decisions are carrying on to ensure that our nation remains the top incarcerator in the world. Sep 16, While New York State’s prison population has been shedding overall as a result of number of significant reforms, one group being left quite literally behind is usually the Sep 12, Dallas County tells Securus: No we won’t end visiting hours at jail and require expensive video visitation instead.

Yet there remains common lack of knowledge of circumstances inside. This lack of knowledge qualified prospects to not caring to how incarcerated Us citizens and jail employees knowledge those circumstances. This neglect will a disservice to free-world people, plan manufacturers, learners and students, as well as to those who function and live in incarceration.

We suffer effective censorship of the primarily reference for understanding the realities of imprisonment today. The American Jail Composing Save is certainly a place where locked up people and jail personnel can compose about and record their knowledge.

It is certainly a site where all who live or function inside can keep experience to what is certainly functioning and what is certainly not really inside American prisons, hence grounding open public issue about the American jail turmoil in resided knowledge. The APWA is certainly open up to efforts by current and previously incarcerated people, correctional officials, personnel, managers and volunteers.

It is usually a virtual meeting place where we can learn from of all who live and work inside. The APWA is usually an open-source archive accessible to a global readership. It spreads the voices of unheard populations, thus increasing consciousness and improving the ease with which we can all better teach ourselves about one of America’s most powerful and most difficult institutions.

The three-year grant will enable the APWA to double the size of the archive and increase its search capacities.


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